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Mammoth Dog Beds?

Dogs Love Them
Dogs love the comfort and feel of a Mammoth.
Breeders Choice
Recommended by breeders worldwide.
Established in 1995
We have years of proven orthopedic designs.

Mammoth Dog Beds was introduced in 1995, established for people like yourself who love their dogs and want the very best for their loyal companion. We take pride in manufacturing "superior quality" dog beds by searching out durable top notch materials that last. All our beds are inspected at every level, insuring a quality product every time. We firmly believe quality starts at home, rest assured all of our beds are manufactured in Canada.


Mammoth specializes in providing comfort for larger breeds and special needs. You will find that all of our beds are orthopaedic and come highly recommended by vets, breeders and dog owners a like.


Breeders have been our most loyal customers and they really appreciate a well made bed that lasts for generations of dogs. Mammoth is known as "BREEDERS CHOICE" dog beds. Once you give us a try you will never buy another bed other than a Mammoth, our name and brand says it all.